A Son Off the Edge

This is a beautiful Testimony of how the Lord Jesus saved the soul of a man who resisted God for years.

Men of One Accord

A Son Off the Edge

On April 20, 1987 I was one of the best in my field, that morning at 6:05 AM was the end to a beginning. On the outside I looked like I had it all together, but I was a mess. I had a house, wife, two children, dog, cars and a motorcycle. The problem was I smoked pot, and drank. I hid it from the world outside of my home. I had a father that prayed for me for 30 years for the Lord to keep me safe and make me prosper. That is what the Lord did, because He loved my Dad so much. As a result I would fall deeper and deeper into sin the more I prospered. The problem was I was creating a path of destruction as ugly and wide as a category 5 hurricane. But one day Dad changed his…

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5 thoughts on “A Son Off the Edge

    1. Hi precious Liana! Thanks so much for sharing Yahweh’s Poet! I would never have discovered Jame’s encouraging testimony if you hadn’t! You are a beautiful blessing and I praise our Lord Jesus Christ for you! Love & Prayers, Suzanne

    1. Thank you so much, my friend, for that beautiful prayer and for sharing your wonderful testimony. Your salvation story blessed and encouraged me so much! I have re-shared your link on Tumblr and G+ in the hopes that many more people will be as touched by your tremendous witness for our Lord Jesus Christ. Your life is a beautiful blessing in the Kingdom of God and you are Christ’s treasure. ~Suzanne

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