My Prayer For You


Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, please Bless Your children today with everything they are seeking from You.
Fill them with peace from the rivers of Heaven.

Give them hope and faith to withstand every discouragement, challenging setback, and trial.

May they feel Your loving arms surrounding and supporting them everywhere they go.

May they know that You CHERISH them and will NEVER leave or forsake them.

In Jesus name. Thank You Lord. I love You. Amen. ❤️

Psalm 103:13-17
“The Lord is as kind to his followers as a father is to his children.
He knows all about us. He knows we are made from dust.
He knows our lives are short, that they are like grass.
He knows we are like a little wildflower that grows so quickly, but when the hot wind blows, it dies.
Soon, you cannot even see where the flower was.
But the Lord has always loved His followers, and He will continue to love them forever and ever!”