Fellowship with Holy God

Biblical/Eschatological Insight

Good Morning,

Every Christian needs to receive the correct interpretation of the Scriptures. The Holy Spirit, who dwells inside of every believer, is our guide and interpreter of God’s Word. He will give us the interpretation in accordance with our level of understanding, as we grow in the knowledge and wisdom of the entire Word of God.

The bible gives us insight into our glorious Creator. As a result, a spiritual personal intimacy, with Him, begins to form as we learn about His ways, His purposes, and His plans for our lives. God breathed His Word into forty chosen men to pen it in a way that gives us a teachable, solvable, and educational puzzle of information; from Genesis to Revelation. It is so important to read and connect each of the 66 books of the bible. Once you connect the entire volume of Scripture, you have a solid and testable foundation against the…

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