My Song “PLEASE HUG THEM” With Harmony

Liana and Kathleen have crafted a beautifully encouraging song that will surely bless you! Be inspired as you listen!
God bless you all! ~Love, Suzanne

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silhouette woman treeEven more beautiful … Please be blessed as I have been.

PLEASE HUG THEM (for those who are hurting)
Tears are welling up inside
I see so much around me
Turmoil, sadness, unbelief
Too much for this heart to see

Children crying, some dying
Hunger, thirst, poverty
No love given, no love there
Vacant eyes stare distantly

There are so many hurting
So many feeling hopeless
So many lost, abandoned
Sick and dying
And I’m too far away
So all I can do is pray
God, please hug your loved ones
Those in need, today
Please hug them Lord in Jesus’ name
And take their pain away

Women lost without their homes
Men despair without income
Families torn, separated
Floods, fires and storms make them numb

Watching death take victory
Among them that are so close
Feeling left behind and worthless
Overwhelmed by each new dose

There are…

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